WorkFlow Optimization Workshop


The workshop will be a mix of classroom-style instruction with hands-on in shop learning on how to optimize your shop for efficient production and building a production schedule that works.


Work Order: The Blueprint for Success

Efficiency starts here.  We will discuss the importance of communication with the work order, art approvals, and mockups.  Information is the key to efficiency, and this segment will focus on the understanding of how that information affects everything downstream in your shop.

Capacity & Velocity: Production Scheduling

This section will use your production data to establish averages that you can use to schedule production.  Stay on time and learn to make decisions early, rather than at the last minute to run your shop.

Quality Control 1: Use of Checklists

Checklists in departments allow you to set the expectation of what needs to happen correctly, and in an established order they need to be reviewed.  Its why pilots and surgeons use them! 

Shop Floor Organization & Best Practices – Receiving

We will focus on how to implement correct and efficient receiving procedures for counting and checking in goods.  Learn a quality control system that keeps everyone accountable.  The discussion will focus on fully received, partially received and “UFO” orders. 

Bonus: Customer Supplied Goods.

Shop Floor Organization & Best Practices – Screen Room

We will focus on the workflow for the screen room.  Reclaim, coating, imaging, and staging for production.  How many screens do you need in your shop?  How can you make this crucial step easier for your staff?

Shop Floor Organization & Best Practices – Staging / Scheduling

Learn to be more organized and stage your production floor for the most efficient production possible.  We will tackle this for screen-printing, embroidery, and DTG.

Learn to build a production schedule in advance, and also have it available for sales and CSR’s to understand. 

Learn to operate your shop without ever having a production meeting to review what jobs are going out today.

Shop Floor Organization and Best Practices – Production

Like my old football coach used to say, “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready”.  Learn how to keep your production area ready for work, and get tips on decreasing the biggest cancer in your shop, downtime.

Shop Floor Organization and Best Practices – Post Production

Do you need to hangtag or polybag shirts for orders?  Apply stickers or pricing?  How do you segregate orders for drop ships?  What’s the best way to understand how to schedule this activity?

Learn these key steps to maximize these capabilities in your shop for smoother production and on time delivery.

Shop Floor Organization and Best Practices – Shipping

Your jobs have to ship, right?  Learn how to pull the orders in and get them ready faster and more efficiently.  From individual mailers to skids of produced goods, learn techniques and best practices to be able to ship on time and with greater accuracy.

Bonus: Customer Pick Up Area